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Nottingham & loughborough Driving School

Giving training to those wanting to learn to drive safely
Automatic driving lessons.

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Don't just have Driving Lessons, Lessons should be enjoyable, fun and rewarding. Passing your test is easy if you have learned well, and feel able to cope with the unexpected.
Being equipped for a lifetime of safe, enjoyable driving. You need to experience all types of traffic, roads and social scenarios, learning how to continually evaluate yourself, so that even after your driving test, you continue to improve.
Our coaching approach will guide and encourage you through to passing both your theory and practical driving tests using the latest coaching methods.

A Friendly Approach

Nottingham & loughborough Driving School believes driver training is best when taught, in a friendly and relaxed environment. Putting the theory and practice together, allowing Pupils to apply what they've learned to practical driving situations, improving retention. Traditional driver education & training offer a sequential approach, which relies on memorization of laws and rules, rather than true hands-on experience. Nottingham & loughborough Driving school believes that our approach will give better long-term benefits for our students.. info@blackarrow.me  contact me or Text 07450 959 302 or call office on 01159894558

Our approach to driver training,and  unique state-of-the-art facilities at Silverstone, provide the best driving tuition available in the UK today. provided by Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy
Whether you’re a learner, booking lessons for the first time, or an experienced driver who’d like to improve your skills, we'll help you become the best driver you can possibly be. You can start on-road driving lessons with us as soon as you are 17, but unlike most driving schools, you can learn to drive with us once you have reached a minimum height. Will have use of  purpose-built facilities at Mercedes-Benz World and Silverstone Circuit, you'll be able to learn basic driving skills away from the pressures of traffic, pedestrians and public roads. As well as providing the best tuition for beginners, we can also help experienced drivers of any age or ability to sharpen their skills and improve their confidence. Mercedes-Benz philosophy is - “the best or nothing”. So don't settle for less when you're learning to drive!!  contact

Personal 1 -1 Training by a qualified experienced driving instruction coach giving you the skills to keep yourself safe for the rest of you life............Priceless

Driving Lessons in Nottingham    Driving lessons in Derby                   Driving Lessons Long Eaton   Driving Lessons in Loughborough   info@blackarrow.me

Our services and products:

* Driving lessons
Intensive driving lessons
* Mock driving tests
* Pass Plus
* Refresher Driving Lessons
* Extended driving Tests
* Nervous driver Lessons
* Driving theory test training
* Special Needs
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Mercedes Driving School covering Long Eaton; Nottingham and Derby

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In the meantime you call or text me at 07450 959302 Or call office on 01159894558 As we never answer the phone on lessons, you can text "lessons" to 07450 959302, And I will get back to you as soon as possible. (as some lessons are 2 hours long - it could be a couple of hours) I'm looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our email address: info@blackarrow.me contact us

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