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Nottingham Automatic Driving Schooll page contents

Small spining wheelYour first driving lesson, with Blackarrow driving school: Whether its your first ever, or you first one with us.

This is what I do, but everyone is different. First you should make sure you can read a car number plate at 20+ meters ( approximately 5 car lengths) with Glasses if you wear them. This is a legal requirement - This is the first item I will check - Foot wear should be suitable - flip flops are a no no. I know some people who drive in bare feet! - Just use a little common sense.

Next I will check you licence - I WILL need to see both parts. Unless you still have the paper only one. I will make a note of the details.

If it is your first ever, or you have had few lessons, I will drive you to a quiet area. Depending where you live this may be a mile or two away.

If you have had lessons before - it will depend on the road conditions where you live. But I often just drive you round the corner. So you don't feel you are being watched. There will be a very short question and answer session. To judge your level. Follow by an assessment drive: - there are too many variables to say exactly what will happen next.

If your first lesson, you will start by getting you into the driver seat. follow by a little bit of legal stuff I have to go though with you. (can sometimes do this when driving you to a suitable location) You will learn how to adjust everything needed to get you comfortable - DSSSM - Doors Seat Steering Seat-belts mirrors. followed by what the controls do. And then Driving!

You will start driving on your first lesson, which ideally needs to be 2 hours. 1 hour is just a little bit of a rush. This is the main resson the first hour is free. Whether its you first ever, or you are getting used to new instructor or and car.

It is important to have goals to aim for. I like to get pupils to do the theory and HPT tests, within the first 6 or so lessons. I can provide everything needed. Free online theory and HPT practice

Contact    info@blackarrow.me  Phone or text 07450 959302 - Leave message, And I will get back to you.

Note: It is illegal for a supervising driver (Instructor) to answer or talk on the phone. It could be a couple of hours before we can get back to you.