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Nottingham Automatic Driving Schooll page contents

Graham's Driving School - Driving Lessons - The complete DSA learning to drive syllabus



GTE Matrix - Blackarrow driving School - Driving lessons
Most Driving schools only cover the inner six of the GTE matrix (starting bottom left and working to the right and up)       I will alway in an atmosphere of calm and fun. Will do my upmost to teach safe driving for life.

The Syllabus

Stage 1 - Technical Mastery : Vehicle Control

Drill + Use of Controls
Moving Off & Stopping, Engine Creep - Automatics
Use of Mirrors (Blindspots) + Signals
Use of Steering + Gears
Safe Positioning + Separation Distances (Adequate Clearance)
Junctions - Left
Junctions - Right
Roundabouts : Spirals
Roundabouts : Mini
Clutch Exercises
Hill Starts, Downhill Starts + Angle Starts
Controlled Emergency Stop & Skidding

Stage 2 - Road Features & Scenarios

Junctions - Variations, Box + Crossroads
Bus & Cycle Lanes
Traffic Lights, Pedestrian Crossings, Refuges + Prediction Skills
Roundabouts : Laned
Context Driving :Smooth (Eco Friendly)
Meeting Traffic (Adequate Clearance) + One Way Streets
Use of Speed (Progress + Hesitancy), Speed Limits, Traffic Calming
Slip Roads + Dual Carriageways
Emergency Vehicles + Road Works
Overtaking + Undertaking

Stage 3 - Technical Mastery : Vehicle Manoeuvring

Reverse Straight Line
Turn in the Road : 3 Point Turn
Corner Reverse : Left
Reverse Parking : Parallel
Reverse Parking : Bay Left
Reverse Parking : Bay Right
Turn in the Road : 5 Point Turn
Corner Reverse : Uphill
Corner Reverse : Tight
Corner Reverse : Right

Stage 4 - More Demanding Driving

Accidents, Breakdowns & Vehicle Maintenance
City Driving
Night Driving + Adverse Weather
Rural Roads

Stage 5 - Independent Driving

Mock Driving Tests
Independent Driving & Navigational Skills
Show Me Tell Me
Practical Driving Test

Stage 6 - Expressive Phase - The outer part of the GTE Matrix

Pass Plus
Long Distance Journey Planning


Basic Control Skills
Getting moving
The emergency stop

Road Skills
Hazard drill and basic junctions
Emerging from busier junctions
Pedestrian crossings and Traffic signals

Traffic Skills
Hazard perception and defensive driving
Dual Carriageways
Town and city centre driving
Progressive driving
The driving test

Set Manoeuvres
Manoeuvre 1: Straight line reversing
Manoeuvre 2: Reversing to the left
Manoeuvre 3: Reversing to the right
Manoeuvre 4: Turn in the road
Manoeuvre 5: Reverse parking