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Driving lessons in Manual or Automatic car, Driving School - Driving Lessons in Nottingham; Derby; Long Eaton, Ilkeston and Loughborough and surrounding

Integrated Approach
BlackArrow Driving School believes driver education theory is better understood when placed in the context of actual driving. Our integrated approach alternates between the theory and practice, allowing Pupils to apply what they've learned to practical driving situations, and improves retention by appealing to all types of learners. Traditional driver education & training offer a sequential approach, which relies on memorization of laws and rules, rather than true hands-on experience.  BlackArrow Driving School believes that our integrated approach will yield long-term benefits for our students.

Driving Lessons are always conducted in a calm, friendly and relaxed manner and can also be a lot of fun - as we firmly believe in making pupils feel at ease during lessons; Whether you are a complete beginner or already had some lessons. From 17 years old up. There is no upper age limit for learning to drive. Everyone is different. info@blackarrow.me  contact me or Text 07450 959302

Guarantees to you:-

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*Guaranteed calm and patient approach: For some people the thought of learning to drive might be a little stressful – this is why we guarantee that your instructor will remain calm and patient at all times making your learning experience enjoyable and stress free.

*Guarantee that you will always get the full lesson time that you paid for.

*Guaranteed Punctuality: In our busy world we recognise that your time is important. That's why we guarantee to start and finish all of your lessons on time. More than 15 minutes late and you get the lesson free.

*Guarantee that no one ever smokes in our cars.

*Guaranteed support: Whichever level of service you choose from us you will get our guaranteed support to help you to learn safely and pass the test.

*Guaranteed safety: We are passionate about improving road safety and as part of that we guarantee to provide a safe learning environment in our fully insured dual-controlled cars.

*Guaranteed confidentiality: We recognise that your learning is private and personal to you. We guarantee never to discuss you progress with anyone else – nor will we ever share your personal details with any other company.

*Test guarantee: We guarantee that a car will be available for your driving test

*Guaranteed offers and discounts: We guarantee to make sure that any offers and discounts are available to all of our valued customers.

*Lesson price guarantee – We promise that despite rising costs, your lesson price will not increase

*Guarantee our driving courses are designed to offer structured affordable training regardless of your age or experience.

*Guarantee to provide you with FREE access to the THEORY and HAZARD Perception tests, do you like this offer of course you do . . . .........

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Safe driving need not be 'nerdy' nor does it mean that you will drive slowly or be a menace to other road users. You will learn expert use of modern day vehicles which will in turn lower your fuel and maintenance bills. (driving correctly means your brakes, clutch etc will not wear out so fast - you will be less tired after long drives) and give you a tremendous feeling of professionalism and also play your part in reducing the number of accidents on the road through skill-full, and thoughtful driving.

You absolutely can drive safely and be 'slick' at the same time. What's more is that you will impress your mates far more by driving 'slickly' than you would by guzzling a gallon of fuel in the local car-park whilst blaring out the latest hip-hop or Garage etc - Thats what Santa Pod is for - I go once in a while or so. - Can even race you own car!

Driving safely and correctly can save you over £1000 or more per year!!

Be aware a lot of the driving instructors you see. Are trainee instructors. The average instructor has been teaching for less then 3years!!! 

In the meantime you call or text me at 07450 959302 or Call office 0115 989 4558 As we never answer the phone on lessons, you can text "lessons" to 07450 959302, And I will get back to you as soon as possible. (as some lessons are 2 hours long - it could be a couple of hours) We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our email address: info@blackarrow.me contact us