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Driving Lessons and prices
Learn to drive with the best driving coaches

  • Guarantee you WILL drive on your first lesson - first lesson ideally needs to be two hours
    for manual lessons call 0115 989 4558
Nottingham Automatic Driving Schooll page contents

No silly gimmicks just quality driving lessons in manual and automatic cars, with a reputable driving school and patient, friendly reliable driving instructors.

DRIVING LESSONS - hourly rates Automatic lessons

First 1.5 hours intro £30

DescriptionTotal Lesson Length .Standard Rate.

Standard plus 30 minutes1½ hrs £42
Double Lesson2 hrs £56
Buy 10 hours in advance10 hrs£260
Pass Plus6 hrs£200

10 Hours paid in-advance £260 = £26 per hour (Automatic)

Special Offers:

None at moment

First hour and half is £30

Extended tests, Disqualified  etc. Please contact me. But normally start with an assessment Lesson of a couple of hours.

Courses and discounted lessons must be paid in-advance. If refund required, those already taken will be charged at standard rate.

Course include home study materials - This helps to greatly reduce the amount of time parked, There is no substitute for on road driving.  Details about each of these services is described below with advice on how to decide which service would best suit you.